A group of documentary filmmakers are filming a TV special about the events which have occurred at the famous and mysterious abandoned Cain Hill asylum many years earlier, and the unexplained abductions and murders that have occurred at the site since then. The group soon learn that one of the inmates lever left Cain Hill at all…

Cain Hill (2017) is one of those rare independent horror gems that makes the constant trawl through contemporary formulaic fare worth it. If you combine the masked killer from Adam Green’s Hatchet (2006) with the abandoned asylum setting of Marcus Nispel’s Exeter(2015), and add the realistic dialogue, characterisation and camaraderie from The Phoenix Tapes ‘97 (2016), the resulting pulpy mixture would be Cain Hill. This is low budget, high quality horror that leaves the viewer excited for further films from its creators.

Diabolique Magazine

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